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Today I learnt that people outside of Australia probably don't know what I mean when I say "eye fillet". You probably call it a tenderloin.

It can be quite interesting, not just observing and taking note of the little differences between how different people from different places speak the same language, but also seeing how the these local and international dialects clash with and influence eachother. Honestly, at times, it can be kind of scary. For me, at least, it damn-near feels like a sort of grey-goo type situation form of cultural erasure.

Australia is a country that takes a strange - though, in my opion, waranted (see any comparison of healthcare systems ever) - pride in how "un-American" we are, so it's been quite odd, growing up with the internet and seeing younger generations, even people within my own generation, becoming, well, more American. I hear more children now, like my younger sister, calling for "mom" rather than "mum". I see the word "color" appearing in place of "colour", and, in fact, catch myself doing it too. I even hear bushfires being called "forest fires", with the ultimate combo-move being when they throw some tangy American rhoticity in there too.

Does anyone else see something similar happening in their country? Maybe not even on just a liguistic level, but a cultural one? I can definitely attest to that too. We didn't even celebrate halloween until quite recently.

Are you slowly losing your famous long vowels? Does /ˈfɑeə/ become /ˈfaɪəɹ/? Or is it the other way around?


Jiminy Cricket! I'm starting to sound like Robin! That aside, today was fairly busy, so once again, I've kinda got nothing. Here's a cool pic of the sunset instead!

Picture I took of a really nice sunset... nice.


Remeber, you will die.

It's not a quote I've really thought about in a while, but today, I was reading through my newly aquired copy of Enchiridion by Epicticus, and there it was. Now, of course, it was the translated version but still, Remeber Death conveys the message just fine. It's not something I really can forget.

The idea of kissing one's self goodbye at every other opportunity is, while somewhat morbid... liberating. To be aware of just one's own mortality, however, is not quite enough. I think it can be helpful to remind yourself from time to time that not only will you die, but all of us will pass on eventually. Remind yourself that no one is losing anything, because we own nothing, and are only loaned it temporarily in this fleeting existence. Death should not be a thing of loss, misery, and tradgedy, but of peace, and return.

You have been lent this life, and by quite the trusting lender indeed. There is no interest, no down-payments, no terms and conditions, and it is completely up to you what you choose to do with it. I think that's pretty darn cool.


Went woodcutting today, so that was nice. We managed to cut, split and deliver a cubic metre of redgum, and pink stringybark. All of you botainists reading my blog finna doxx me.

Got given some advice recently too, I'm gonna start using a notepad in every day life in order to stay organised whilst still maintaining flexibility in the event of unexpected events arising. Perhaps I could upload screenshots of that with each entry, if anyone thinks that could be interesting, let me know.


I've missed a week or so, but I won't miss a month! I promise.

I should be able to pick this blog back up now, since I've finally clawed my way out from the pile of homework I've been stuck under lately. There's an interesting podcast I've listened to over the week, it's called Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins. It offers a really quite neat perspective on good and bad, how our actions affect ourselves and others, and all from someone who identifies themself as anti-religious. I found it quite intersting, and actually pretty useful, not to mention, hilarious.

Something I'd like to note whilst we share this moment is that I've had the idea, just recently actually, to start writing a novel, and possibly even repurpose my old neocities account as a means to host my writing, so be on the lookout. I'll probably begin that some time this month.

Also finally moved wickedsick over to its new address, so, yay!

~ Stephen Fry's Deadly Sins - great listen, would recommend

~ Wicked-Sick - new home of the Ministry of Awesome

New tune of the week.

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